Figure 9.

Gene expression in semithin sectioned larvae. (A) BnGata123 expression in the pallial epithelium (arrows) and area magnified in (B). (C) Lateral section of a larva showing the expression pattern of BnWnt1 in cells of the neck (arrowheads) and wall cells (arrow). The arrowhead points to cilia of the apical disc. (D) Expression of BnWnt1 in the pallial epithelium (double arrow). All sections are additionally stained with basic fuchsine (pink). eb, epidermal blastema; mb, mesodermal blastema; is, internal sac; gl; glandular area of the pyriform organ; n, granula in neck region; r, roof; w, wall; y, yolk droplet. Scale bars 100 μm in (A, C), 25 μm in (B, D).

Fuchs et al. EvoDevo 2011 2:13   doi:10.1186/2041-9139-2-13
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